Our Carer of the Year Awards

We set up a Carer of the Year Awards scheme in December 2011 and asked our clients to nominate the carers who they thought deserved a Carer of the Year Award for not only their hard work, commitment, professionalism and care but for going the extra mile to make sure our clients received the very best care services. For our 2015 awards we received 96 nominations. The judging criteria included scoring against the following areas:

  • Caring
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Cleanliness and smart appearance
  • Flexibility
  • Adhering to procedures
  • Endorsing our brand values of commitment, professionalism and respect
  • Examples of excellence
  • Comments from individual clients supporting the nomination
  • Feedback from the care management team

The awards have gone from strength to strength with clients and carers looking forward to see who wins!

The following carers were the winners of the Carer of the Year Awards 2015:


Anya Ludwig, Nicola Curzon, Katy Fairbairn, Veronika Brown and Rachel Cave.

Runners up:

Jenna Curry, Rose Draper, Lena Jorgensen and Nigel Buckingham.

We also have a Newcomer of the Year award and for 2015 the winner is:

Amy Bancroft.

We also awarded two special Directors’ Awards to Colleen Sweet for her commitment, flexibility and professionalism during her work, and to one of our live-in carers, Grace Drzewiecka, who has been an excellent live-in carer since she started with us in 2013 and always puts the clients first.