Foot Healthcare Charges

Our prices are dependent on where you live.


Service Area A Area B Area C
Fingernails £18.00 £19.00 £20.00
Feet £29.00 £30.00 £31.00
Feet and Fingernails  £36.00 £37.00 £38.00


First visit will include 15 minute client assessment at std footcare price.


Please call 01865 861229 to book an appointment.


Consultation and treatment

Initial assessment and then nails cut and filed, callus and corns treated, feet creamed etc – from £29.00 depending on your location.

Follow-up treatments

Nails cut and filed, feet creamed and treatments given – from £29.00 depending on your location (30 minutes)

Fingernail cutting only – from £18.00 depending on your location (30 minutes)

Foot care and fingernail cutting – from £36.00 depending on your location (45 minutes)

If you have foot problems that take longer to treat, we can offer treatments up to 45 minutes but an additional £6.00 is charged.


Group treatments

Discounts are offered for more than two clients at the same location including residential care homes, day centres etc. Please call for a quote.