Patients’ Charter

With the risk of HIV, HBV and cross infection, Oxford Private Care has produced a patients’ charter to ensure the safety of the patients we treat, the foot health practitioner and staff involved.

  1. All instruments are placed in a sterilising pouch, then placed in an autoclave to achieve sterilisation of the instruments. This is to prevent cross infection.
  2. Hands are washed with medicated soap and disposable gloves are worn for each new patient.
  3. A full medical history of each patient is mandatory and will be taken on the first visit and records kept up to date.
  4. Patient information will remain confidential.
  5. The foot will be disinfected before it is examined/treated.
  6. A new disposable scalpel blade is used for each new patient.
  7. All procedures performed on the patient will include the latest aseptic techniques.
  8. All equipment, instruments, medicaments and dressings used are of the highest quality.
  9. A commitment to ongoing training to ensure the highest degree of treatment is delivered to the patient.
  10. A commitment to provide a professional, personal and outstanding foot health treatment to each and every patient.

The charter has been designed to ensure your safety and to ensure that your foot health practitioner adheres to the standards, resulting in a pleasant and uneventful appointment. Please bear this in mind when choosing a foot health professional and make sure that they comply to this charter, as you could be putting your health at risk.

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